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  1. Cumann na mBunscol, Gaillimh will endeavour to foster and promote our national games- Boy's Football, Girl's Football, Hurling, Camogie, Handball and Athletics in all Primary Schools of Galway
  2. The A.G.M. of Cumann na mBunscol, Gaillimh shall be held not later than 15 November
  3. Officers elected shall serve for a maximum of five years in the same position
  4. The Executive Committee shall consist of: President, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, P.R.O. and Development Officer
  5. Coistí to draw up fixtures plan and administer competitions shall be elected and/ or selected by the Executive Committee i.e. Coiste Peile, Coiste Iománaíochta, Coiste Camogaíochta and Coiste Liathróid Láimhe
  6. Sub-Committees may be selected to administer and develop coaching, finance (sponsorship) and communication (media, publications and website)
  7. Entries for each year's competitions must be submitted by the agreed date. Late Entries will not be accepted 
  8. A Committee member who misses two consecutive meetings and does not fulfill his/her duties will be deemed to have no further interest in Cumann na mBunscol, Gaillimh activities and, accordingly, will be replaced
  9. Grievences, complaints and objections will be sent in writing and signed by the school principal to An Rúnaí Chondae
  10. Matters of discipline will be dealt with by the relevant Coiste
  11. Schools may appeal decisions of Coistí to An Coiste Gearáin. This Appeals Committee will consist of three people, who are not members of the Executive Committee of Cumann na mBunscol, Gaillimh, and who have been elected at the A.G.M. The decision of An Coiste Gearáin will be final
  12. Complaints from individual players, mentors or parents will not be heard
  13. A teacher must be present with a school team
  14. As far as is practical, a female adult must accompany a girl's team. Likewise, a male adult must accompany a boy's team
  15. AMALGAMATIONS: Schools wishing to agalgamate must apply annually in writing before May 30th of previous year's competition
  16. The Executive Committee will deal with matters relating to changes in structure
  17. A comprehensive report of yearly activities and a statement of accounts must be forwarded to the National Secretary annually
  18. Two delegates from Cumann na mBunscol, Gaillimh will attend the Annual General Meeting,Ordinary General Meeting and Special Meetings of Cumann na mBunscol

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