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Coaching In The Primary School

Hurling Into The Schools: Coaching Development Plan

This model was introduced last year by Damien Coleman, Connaucht Hurling Director, and was a huge success with over 6,000 national school pupils coached weekly throughout the city and county.  The plan is based on imput from clubs in the form of a local management committee, a part-time coach who will visit your school for 2 five week blocks of coaching. Block 1 should begin in September and Block 2 after the Mid term break.  Your local G.A.A. club will also contribute financially towards the project and it is envisaged that the plan will forge a greater communication between clubs and schools in order to further develop and enhance the club/ school link.

To co-ordinate the skills within the schools the recently launched Fun Do Hurling and football coaching pack will be a great resourse for the schools. It has a special price of fifty euro and can be gotten from Damien Coleman or from Pearse Stadium.

Please click here to view the Football Coaching Timetable 2016

Coaching will commence on Monday 18th April 2016.

It is essential that a teacher is present with the coach at all times .

This is an essential part of the Heads of Agreement entered in to by all participating schools and is there to protect the interests of the school, the children and the coach.

We look forward to seeing you on 27th April onwards. 

Regards, Tom McManus, GAA Games Manager.


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